Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 Destinations for New Year Celebration

It is holiday celebrated by everyone regardless of race and religion, thus every part of the world gets into the festive mood and set exciting activities to celebrate the end of another wonderful year and welcome the New Year. While most people would like to celebrate with families and loved ones, some take advantage of the holiday vacation to travel abroad and see how other countries celebrate New Year. Here are some of the top destinations for a memorable New Year celebration.

Tokyo starts the celebration on the 29th of December until 4th of January, so if you would like to have a longer period of New Year celebration, then Tokyo is the place to be. Although most of the tourist attractions are closed for the holidays, the bustling metropolis is full of fun-filled activities for everyone. Clubs and restaurants are packed with people while the entire city is jumping with loads of fireworks, singing and dancing. Tourists will surely be thrilled to join the locals with their traditional way of welcoming New Year. It is by eating Toshikoshi Soba (New Year Noodle) and listening to Juya No Kane (The Watch-Night Bell). The noodle which is long signifies long and healthy life while the Watch-Night Bell used for countdown rings 108 times at the temples across the country to symbolize getting rid of unhappiness, poorness and the likes. Tourists also get the chance to visit the Imperial Palace which opens to the public only for New Years Greeting celebration and on the birthday of the Emperor.

Celebrate New Year ahead of other countries by going to Sydney Australia because of the time difference. Visitors and locals alike will surely be amazed of the stunning fireworks display with the accompaniment of lively music exploding over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Every year, more than a million people gather around Sydney Harbour to join the countdown party and watch the spectacular Midnight Fireworks. The sight of exploding fireworks can be seen at its best from one of the boats in the harbour, adding magical moments to a more romantic setting.

Traveling to London is another way to have a wonderful New Year celebration. You will surely be captivated by the sight of astonishing fireworks launched into the sky off the 135 meter London Eye, projecting a light show throughout the city. This spectacular scene can be witness from rooftops and balconies however the Westminster Bridge and the north embankment of the River Thames provide the best views. The fireworks starts exploding in the sky after Big Ben struck 12 midnight and lasts for 15 minutes. River cruise is a romantic option to watch the fireworks while ushering the New Year.

Welcome the New Year in Spanish Style by taking part in Noche Vieja in Barcelona. The lively music of salsa and flamenco soar high in the entire city setting the festive mood for as long as a week. Experience the traditional Spanish way of celebrating New Year and join the locals do the countdown by eating 12 pieces of grapes, one grape following each bell sound. This custom is believed to have originated from the period of Roman Empire which symbolizes the sweet beginnings of a New Year from the sweet flavor of the fruit. Complete the holiday by participating in Cabalgata Delos Reyes Magos (Three Kings Parade) held on the 5th of January.

If you would like to have a romantic New Year celebration, book an airfare to Paris and join the Parisians as they say Bonn Annee. Head to Champ-Elysees and secure a spot along its famous streets early as people start to gather at 9pm to have a nice view in anticipation of the stunning fireworks display exploding at the top of the Eifel Tower. Toast with the locals to a flute of Champagne while watching the spectacular fireworks for an unforgettable holiday. For a magnificent view of the Paris skyline, go to Sacre Coeur in Montmartre to have the best view as you watch the fireworks launched from different parts of the city.

Italy offers exciting activities to its visitors for a splendid New Year celebration. Tourists will sure enjoy the La Festa di San Silvestro (the holiday that is celebrated in Italy on 31st December) and the Il Capodanno (Venetian style on 1st January). Treat your palate with the several course of authentic Italian cuisine in local restaurants complimented by glass of prosecco join the masked crowds in St.Mark’s Square for a countdown, where the bell of the church’s campanile announces the beginning of the new year. Fireworks display is also a part of the celebration with parties lasting until sunrise. It is a common tradition to wear red underwear as Italians believe that it will bring good luck for the coming year.

Have a memorable celebration at the New York’s Time Square as you join hundreds of thousands people gathered around the iconic landmark of New York for a New Year celebration. Millions of people all over the world look forward to see the Waterford Crystal New Year’s Ball descends from the flagpole on the top of One Times Square building. Enjoy the experience of seeing it up close up, dress warmly and be there early to have a good spot as people starts to gather as early as 3pm. The festivities continue after midnight with spectacular fireworks launched all around the city.

Experience a liveliest grand celebration as you witness the tremendous fireworks when you purchased an airfare to Las Vegas to welcome the New Year. Have a party of your life at the Las Vegas strip and be entertained with the best entertainers. If you are into a luxurious celebration, then Las Vegas is the perfect place to be.

Orlando is an ideal place also for a New Year getaway especially for families. Kids and adults alike are guaranteed to have a wonderful time at several tourist attractions such as SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Disney World. All of these theme parks prepared something spectacular for a magical night to usher the New Year. Visitors can enjoy the live entertainment throughout the day and the fireworks display at night.

Toronto also attracts a huge crowd of tourists and locals for its traditional New Year’s Eve Bash at Nathan Phillips Square which features some of the hottest pop artist performing live. People are treated with hundreds of songs from different performers as they await the countdown in midnight. There are also activities for children such as ice-skating, games at the Scarborough Civic Centre and festivities at the theme park in downtown Toronto.

Just take your pick and have a memorable New Year celebration!

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  1. New Year celebration in Dubai is also one of the best events ever! Fireworks display at their famous Burj Khalifa building is so awesome