Monday, January 16, 2012

Amazing Chinese Architecture

There is no doubt that Chinese architecture is something that fascinates people all over the world because of its characteristics and rich history. It is said that the structural principles of Chinese architecture remains largely unchanged until today with minor changes to its decorative style. There was relative proof that since the Tang Dynasty, Korea, Vietnam and Japan have been greatly influenced by the Chinese architecture.

Chinese architecture is as old as Chinese civilization so it’s quite an experience to see the structures which have been the products of such creative and brilliant minds of Chinese ancestors. Here are some samples of buildings which features the magnificent designs of Chinese architecture.

Located in the middle of Beijing, China, Forbidden City had served as the house of emperors and their household as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government for 500 years. The palace complex which was consisted of 980 buildings exemplifies the Chinese palatial architecture that had influenced the cultural and architectural developments in East Asia. It is also known as the best preserved imperial palace presenting the essence and culmination of traditional Chinese architectural accomplishments.

It is said that airfare to Shanghai won’t be worth paying for without visiting “The Bund” because as they said, you won’t see the “real” China unless you have been to this part of Shanghai. It is the famous waterfront in Shanghai located at the west shore of the Huangpu River. The Bund has been regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. Its most interesting feature are the 52 various buildings representing different architectural styles such as Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance. It will be such an awesome sight, to see varying classic designs next to each other.

The City Wall of Xian is one of the interesting places to visit in China which is situated in the capital of the Shaanxi province. It was erected in the 14th century during the period of Ming Dynasty. It is said that the City Wall was built because of the admonition by a hermit named Zhu Sheng to Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. The wall has a height of 12 meters tall with of 12-14 meters width at the top and 15-18 meters thick at the bottom. It is also the most complete city wall that has survived in China as well as the largest ancient military defensive system in the world.

Experience the tranquil atmosphere at the Potala Palace in Tibet which has been the residence of the Dalai Lamas at the same time the political centre of Tibet since 1645. Tourists will surely marvel at the splendour of the grand buildings, complicated constructions and unique artworks – mainly comprised by the administerial (White Building) and the religious (White Building) structures.

Beauty and serenity are the two things that describe the Suzhou Gardens. The design of this garden is considered as the epitome of landscaping art for private gardens which represents wider range of freedom of art expression. The main characteristic of the ancient garden of Suzhou which set it apart from others is it was designed to be lived in as well as the surrounding houses around it. Visitors can’t help but be captivated with its beauty at every bend, pavilions, gazebos and comfortable seats to savor the picturesque location.

Be sure to include the Confucius Temple in Nanjing in your list of places to visit when you go to China. The followers of the great philosopher and educator of ancient China hold their worship service in this temple which is known for its superb architecture and intricate design. You won’t just learn some insights how ancient China chooses their government officials but you will be rewarded of a beautiful sight of a Chinese architecture.

Another building worth visiting is the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. It is a 70-storey building towering in the center of the city with a height of 315 meters. The most interesting feature of this building is the structural expressionism design which resembles the growing bamboo shoots, signifying prosperity and livelihood. This remarkable structure is also the first building outside North America to break the 1000 feet mark.

Remember to pay a visit to the Ruins of St.Paul if you are planning to travel to Macau. It is the remains of the one of the greatest church ever built in the city. You will surely be amazed of the intricately carved stone facade. The carvings include Jesuit images with Oriental themes, founders of the Jesuit Order, the conquest of Death by Jesus and a dove with wings outstretched at the very top of the facade. These carvings were believed to be done by Japanese Christians who were in exile from their homeland and local craftsmen under the direction of Italian Jesuit Carlo Espinola between 1620 and 1627.

Diwang Tower of Shenzhen is a building located in the financial and commercial hub of the area. This building has an installed wind and structural monitoring system used to timely record wind and structural response data. This is significant in determining the wind characteristic f typhoon. The structural characteristics and responses, including the natural frequency, modal damping ratio, translational and torsional displacement and acceleration responses are also provided by the monitoring system.

With the numerous online travel companies offering affordable airfare to Taiwan, traveling to Taiwan to see its different tourist spots such as Taipei 101 need not be expensive. Taipei 101 is a famous landmark skyscraper in Xinyi district. It became the world’s tallest skyscraper in 2004 and was hailed as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World as published in Newsweek Magazine,2006 edition. Taipei 101 was also featured in the Discovery Channel in 2005 as one of the Seven Wonders of Engineering. The fireworks display at this building during international New Year’s Eve is an event that locals and tourists who spent for airfare to Taipei look forward to because of its marvelous and breathtaking sights.

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