Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asia Dominates List of Top Airlines in the World

Asians are known for their warm hospitality and genuine friendliness. Isn’t a wonder then that Asian carriers dominate the list of the top airlines in the world? According to the Skytrax’s list, the following airlines made it to the top ten: Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, and Malaysia Airlines. The rest of the lists are populated by airlines from the Middle East.

Some were surprised to know that U.S. and European airlines didn’t make it to the list. But more and more travelers swear by the quality of the cabins provided by Asian airlines, not to mention the world-class service. The carriers from the Middle East are quick to make the connection and have made the effort to pattern their services just like those in Asian airlines.

The key to the Asian airlines’ dominance in the list is their genuine service culture. The people in Asia are more naturally inclined to give better service to customers. This is not surprising given the quality of hospitality exhibited in Asian countries. Guests are treated as preferentially as possible, so imagine what kind of treatment you would get if you are in first class.

It’s the little things that matters most when it comes to service. For instance, in Cathay Pacific, a passenger can request for a bowl of noodles any time during the flight if he gets hungry. This is apart from the regular meals that he will get during the flight. This is a big deal compared to U.S. airlines, where the flight attendant will only give you peanuts or pretzels when you get hungry.

In Asiana Airlines, you will get down-filled duvets free of charge, which is not the same for U.S. airlines. Also, the leg room in Asiana planes is a lot bigger – you get 34 inches of space before your feet hits the seat in front of you. It may not sound much, but passengers certainly appreciate the extra leg room they get, which is not the standard for U.S. airlines which normally provide only 31 inches of leg room.

Passengers today are getting more discriminating and they demand more money for their buck. U.S. airlines should take notice of this, because Western passengers can book with Asian airlines for their trips for better value and service.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Experience Hong Kong… For Free!!!

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world and believe it or not, you can come to this wonderful paradise for free! Through the AirTicketonSale Travel Photo Contest launched by and C&E Holidays Pte Ltd, you are entitled to win 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong! All you have to do is to capture a photo of yourself while in your most memorable vacation.

To join, here are the contest mechanics:

1. Submit your photo to with “AirTicketOnSale Travel Photo Contest” as subject. The message should include the name of the participant, contact number and a short description of the picture. All submissions should be original and the participant should be seen in it. Image size should not exceed 5MB.

2. Deadline for submission will be on August 22, 2011 to September 22, 2011.

3. Confirmation emails will be sent within 48 hours and qualified entries will be posted on the AirTicketOnSale Facebook Page

4. Like the AirTicketonSale Facebook Page and tag yourself on your photo entry.

5. The winner will be determined based on the number of ‘likes’ in the photo. Participants are allowed to share the link of their entry to garner votes. However, only the likes on the official ATOS links will be counted. To do so, people are required to like the ATOS page before proceeding on liking your entry.

6. By the end of the voting period on September 30, 2011, the entry with the most number of likes will be declared the winner and he or she will receive the 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong.

7. The winner will be officially notified through email. It will be officially announced in the ATOS Facebook page on October 03, 2011.

8. All decisions of AirTicketOnSale and C&E Holidays Pte Ltd are irrefutable.

All submissions should be original and the participant should appear in the picture. Participants are allowed to submit only one photo each. In submitting, contest participants are relinquishing their rights over the photo and are allowing ATOS to use, archive, and distribute it without their consents.

The AirTicketonSale Travel Photo Contest is open to Singapore residents only and will have one winner only.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that camera now and start capturing the best moments!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Countries You Can Visit Even on a Tight Budget

Traveling is life to some people. However, it is not always that they have the finances to support their interest. It is for this reason why there are some who just content themselves with pictures of the beautiful places from around the world – from the internet, magazines or even postcards.
But little does everybody knows, traveling need not to be costly. It is just a matter of wise flight booking. Nowadays, airline companies offer travel promotions available to anybody interested. It is easy, affordable and definitely worth it.
However, the big question is where will these cheap air fares bring you? Apparently, not many are informed that there are indeed some destinations which do not require large amount of money to be enjoyed. Here are some:
  • Nepal. Home to the ever so famous Mt. Everest, it wouldn’t cost you more than 1,000 dollars to travel to this remarkable country. Even the cost of living will not be a burden to the pocket of any visiting tourists. But despite the affordability of the travel, Nepal offers a lot of beautiful places to visit when there.
  • India. Plunge into the cool water of the Indian beaches. But though listed as one of the top summer destinations, India also takes pride on its history which most tourists find appealing. One major proof of which is the majestic Taj Mahal in India, a mosque which captivated the attention of the world due to its intricate architecture and landscaping.
  • Iran. Contrary to the belief that Iran is a dangerous place, the country offers good deals to all the tourists defying all tittle-tattles about Iran’s stability as a nation. A flight booking to Iran will surely pave way to the uncovering of the mysterious beauty of this country.
  • Indonesia. Though considered the largest archipelago in Asia, coming to Indonesia will not do that much damage on your pocket. The prices of the local and foreign goods in the country do not cost that much, allowing the tourists to shop until they drop.
There are basically more destinations around the world which can be included in this list. But above mentioned are the most accessible ones. Be not worried about the amount you would have to spend on visiting these countries because it’s relatively smaller than if you go to other places. To be more assured of saving much, though, you may settle for airline promos wherein they sell cheap plane tickets to the countries included in the list.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Affordable Travel Places in Taipei

Taipei is one of China’s most visited destinations. It is the home of Taipei 101, once considered as the tallest building in the world. The tower alone and its 101 stores are more than enough reason to visit Taipei, but there are lots of reasons why you must include this dynamic destination in your must-see list.

If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money shopping in those luxury stores in Taipei 101, don’t worry. There are lots of affordable places in Taipei where you can stretch your vacation budget, as well as budget hotels in Taipei where you can have everything you need without blowing out all your money.

• Night markets

If you are looking for cheap food and cheap shopping, then you should visit the various night markets that Taipei has to offer. One of the most popular night markets is the Shihlin Night Market, where lots of tourists go to have their fill of affordable but delicious Chinese chow as well as stuff they can bring to their friends back home. Another excellent night market is Keelung, known for its wide selection of cheap but yummy food products.

• Cheng Pin Bookstore

Book lovers will surely love Cheng Pin Bookstore, which sells different books from all over the world. You can relax in one of the store’s chairs and spend the whole night reading a great book. The book store is open 24 hours a day.

• Jiu Fen

This town, located at the top of the mountain, was used as a backdrop for the Maggi Cheung-Tony Leung hit movie. Situated on the outskirts of Taipei, it used to be a mining town and can only be accessed by riding the only bus that goes into the place. Jiu Fen has lots of charming tea houses where you can sit, relax, and tell stories. The experience of drinking tea high up the mountains is definitely worth your time and effort to go to Jiu Fen.

• Karaoke Lounges

If you are up for a night of singing and good food, then you must visit some of Taipei’s karaoke lounges. There are lots of them surrounding the hotels in Taipei, so finding one won’t be a problem.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visiting the Beautiful and Exotic Islands of Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most visited countries in Asia because of the abundance of beautiful and exotic islands in the territory. Both modern and traditional, Indonesia is where you can experience great modern living and interesting culture at the same time. There are many faces of Indonesia. At one side, you will see the exciting work and nightlife of places such as Jakarta, and on the other side, you will see the traditional way of living of the tribes in Baliem Valley.

If you are planning to visit this fascinating country, consider checking out the following destinations:

  • Jakarta

A visit to Jakarta is a must, since this is Indonesia’s capital. Malls and skyscrapers are the norm, and the city is the location of some of the best hotels in Indonesia. As the center of Indonesia’s business and nightlife, Jakarta is also one of the most expensive cities in Asia.

  • Bali

A trip to Indonesia is pointless with going to the famous beaches in Bali. Bali is a main contributor to the booming tourism in Indonesia, not surprising given the number of visitors that stay in Bali every year. Hotels in Bali are always fully booked especially during peak season.

  • Kota

If you would rather see culture than sun and sand during your visit to Indonesia, check out the town of Kota. Here you will see the colonial influence of the Dutch, and you can see old colonial buildings and other structures as a testament to that era. Other notable sites in the area are Taman Fatahillah, the pebble stone square, and the canal of Kali Besar. On Taman Fatahillah, you can visit the Jakarta History Museum, which was originally built in 1627. You can check out various types of memorabilia from the Dutch colonial period.

Another museum worth going to is the Wayang Museum, which houses a wide variety of Wayang puppets. You can also see puppets that originated from other Asian countries such as India, China, and Cambodia. The museum also houses memorials to former governors who are buried in the location. For admission price of only 1000 Rp, the place is worth every penny.