Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asia Dominates List of Top Airlines in the World

Asians are known for their warm hospitality and genuine friendliness. Isn’t a wonder then that Asian carriers dominate the list of the top airlines in the world? According to the Skytrax’s list, the following airlines made it to the top ten: Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, and Malaysia Airlines. The rest of the lists are populated by airlines from the Middle East.

Some were surprised to know that U.S. and European airlines didn’t make it to the list. But more and more travelers swear by the quality of the cabins provided by Asian airlines, not to mention the world-class service. The carriers from the Middle East are quick to make the connection and have made the effort to pattern their services just like those in Asian airlines.

The key to the Asian airlines’ dominance in the list is their genuine service culture. The people in Asia are more naturally inclined to give better service to customers. This is not surprising given the quality of hospitality exhibited in Asian countries. Guests are treated as preferentially as possible, so imagine what kind of treatment you would get if you are in first class.

It’s the little things that matters most when it comes to service. For instance, in Cathay Pacific, a passenger can request for a bowl of noodles any time during the flight if he gets hungry. This is apart from the regular meals that he will get during the flight. This is a big deal compared to U.S. airlines, where the flight attendant will only give you peanuts or pretzels when you get hungry.

In Asiana Airlines, you will get down-filled duvets free of charge, which is not the same for U.S. airlines. Also, the leg room in Asiana planes is a lot bigger – you get 34 inches of space before your feet hits the seat in front of you. It may not sound much, but passengers certainly appreciate the extra leg room they get, which is not the standard for U.S. airlines which normally provide only 31 inches of leg room.

Passengers today are getting more discriminating and they demand more money for their buck. U.S. airlines should take notice of this, because Western passengers can book with Asian airlines for their trips for better value and service.

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