Monday, August 15, 2011

Countries You Can Visit Even on a Tight Budget

Traveling is life to some people. However, it is not always that they have the finances to support their interest. It is for this reason why there are some who just content themselves with pictures of the beautiful places from around the world – from the internet, magazines or even postcards.
But little does everybody knows, traveling need not to be costly. It is just a matter of wise flight booking. Nowadays, airline companies offer travel promotions available to anybody interested. It is easy, affordable and definitely worth it.
However, the big question is where will these cheap air fares bring you? Apparently, not many are informed that there are indeed some destinations which do not require large amount of money to be enjoyed. Here are some:
  • Nepal. Home to the ever so famous Mt. Everest, it wouldn’t cost you more than 1,000 dollars to travel to this remarkable country. Even the cost of living will not be a burden to the pocket of any visiting tourists. But despite the affordability of the travel, Nepal offers a lot of beautiful places to visit when there.
  • India. Plunge into the cool water of the Indian beaches. But though listed as one of the top summer destinations, India also takes pride on its history which most tourists find appealing. One major proof of which is the majestic Taj Mahal in India, a mosque which captivated the attention of the world due to its intricate architecture and landscaping.
  • Iran. Contrary to the belief that Iran is a dangerous place, the country offers good deals to all the tourists defying all tittle-tattles about Iran’s stability as a nation. A flight booking to Iran will surely pave way to the uncovering of the mysterious beauty of this country.
  • Indonesia. Though considered the largest archipelago in Asia, coming to Indonesia will not do that much damage on your pocket. The prices of the local and foreign goods in the country do not cost that much, allowing the tourists to shop until they drop.
There are basically more destinations around the world which can be included in this list. But above mentioned are the most accessible ones. Be not worried about the amount you would have to spend on visiting these countries because it’s relatively smaller than if you go to other places. To be more assured of saving much, though, you may settle for airline promos wherein they sell cheap plane tickets to the countries included in the list.

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