Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Experience Hong Kong… For Free!!!

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world and believe it or not, you can come to this wonderful paradise for free! Through the AirTicketonSale Travel Photo Contest launched by and C&E Holidays Pte Ltd, you are entitled to win 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong! All you have to do is to capture a photo of yourself while in your most memorable vacation.

To join, here are the contest mechanics:

1. Submit your photo to with “AirTicketOnSale Travel Photo Contest” as subject. The message should include the name of the participant, contact number and a short description of the picture. All submissions should be original and the participant should be seen in it. Image size should not exceed 5MB.

2. Deadline for submission will be on August 22, 2011 to September 22, 2011.

3. Confirmation emails will be sent within 48 hours and qualified entries will be posted on the AirTicketOnSale Facebook Page

4. Like the AirTicketonSale Facebook Page and tag yourself on your photo entry.

5. The winner will be determined based on the number of ‘likes’ in the photo. Participants are allowed to share the link of their entry to garner votes. However, only the likes on the official ATOS links will be counted. To do so, people are required to like the ATOS page before proceeding on liking your entry.

6. By the end of the voting period on September 30, 2011, the entry with the most number of likes will be declared the winner and he or she will receive the 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong.

7. The winner will be officially notified through email. It will be officially announced in the ATOS Facebook page on October 03, 2011.

8. All decisions of AirTicketOnSale and C&E Holidays Pte Ltd are irrefutable.

All submissions should be original and the participant should appear in the picture. Participants are allowed to submit only one photo each. In submitting, contest participants are relinquishing their rights over the photo and are allowing ATOS to use, archive, and distribute it without their consents.

The AirTicketonSale Travel Photo Contest is open to Singapore residents only and will have one winner only.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that camera now and start capturing the best moments!

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