Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exploring Mighty Moscow

Moscow, being the largest city in Russia is one among the famous tourist destination in Europe. Its architecture and sights are truly unique, offering a wonderful time for discoveries to its tourists.

Shopping is one of things a tourist can enjoy while visiting Moscow. Where could be the best place to do it other than the largest and most over-the-top shopping malls in Moscow – the Gum and Tsum. Housing expensive brands such as Burberry, Joop!, Hermes and Moschino, visitors and locals like to have a stroll in its capacious and architecturally stunning hallways. Cafe Tsum is an ideal place to rest and unwind after hours of checking out the various products displayed in each mall.

A trip to Moscow won’t be complete without visiting the “Patriarshy Prudiy” which means Patriarch’s Pond. It is a square-shaped pond surrounded by Stalin era apartments located near Mayakovsky Square. This pond depicts the period of Stalinist Russia and the surrealism that somehow still pervades Russia. It has been said that the best time to appreciate the beauty of Patriarshy Prudiy is during the morning, in the fall or spring. It’s a part of Moscow that everyone cherishes tourists and locals alike.

Hordes of people feeding the pigeons or reading the papers are usual sights at Pushkin Square. Historically known as “Strastnaya”, it was renamed to Pushkin Square in honor to Alexander Pushkin, universally known as the father of Russian literature. A statue of Alexander Pushkin was also erected in the square. Located at the very heart of Moscow, Pushkin Square is considered as one of the busiest square not only in Moscow but all over the world.

Watching a movie in a cinema that has been around for decades partaking in the history of the city of Moscow will surely leave a deep impression to any visitor. 35MM is one of Moscow’s most storied cinemas located at the corner of the Garden Ring. Although there is no surround system or stadium seat in this seasoned movie outlet, movie goers who have been used to watching films at 35MM especially those people who just love to watch the Soviet and Russian films continue to patronize the cinema for its historical value.

O2 Lounge which is located at the 12th floor of Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow is a hang-out place for those who would like to feel important, rich and sexy. Locals insist on calling the place as Oh-Two Lounge instead of its real name Oxygen Lounge. It is a place for the people who belong in the higher status of society simply because only those people can afford the exorbitant price of sushi and champagne being served at the lounge by beautiful ladies. While enjoying the expensive food and drinks, visitors who care to step into the balcony are treated with the spectacular view of the city including the panoramic view of the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Just love watching the city lights while having a drink? Swiss Otel’s City Space Bar & Lounge located at the 34th floor of the building is a perfect place to be. It offers breathtaking scenery of the city’s skyline and skyscraper. The House of Music which is just next door features some of the highest-caliber classical music concerts so you might as well try it too to complete a wonderful evening.

If you will be traveling with your kids, you will be rewarded with hugs and kisses after spending a day at the Gorky Park. It is an amusement park named after the literary author Maxim Gorky. The park has children’s play areas, fun fairs and various amusement rides. It is also a perfect spots for picnics and camping.

Any one who is planning to book a flight, an air ticket to Moscow must not forget to pay a visit to Winzavod. Housed in this one-time factory turned into a series of galleries, is the concept store “Cara & Co” well-known to the opulent people for its Belgian and Australian designer clothing with an array of expensive household items. Sightings of the city’s rich and famous people are common things at Winzavod as this is the place to go for fashion shows and art exhibitions.

Krysha Mira is the place to go if you would like to experience the night life in the city of Moscow. It would be wise to have a company who knows a good deal about the high-end night clubs just to be sure you’ll have lots of fun not loads of trouble after having a drink.

Spending for an airfare to Moscow will also give a visitor a chance to see the tomb of the father of the Russian Revolution. Lenin’s Tomb is a mausoleum in Red Square that serves as the current resting place of Vladimir Lenin.

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