Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips to Enjoy the Disneyland Adventure

Aside from shopping, most of the tourists who purchase airfare to Hong Kong are after the experience of the magic in Disneyland. Children especially look forward to having special bonding moments with their parents while enjoying the company of their favorite Disney characters.

Getting the most from your Disneyland holiday depends on how well you have organized your trip. Some attractions are more suitable to visit within the particular period of time to avoid huge crowd and very long cue thus it would be much wiser to have a list of the show times of each attractions. To guide those who are planning to experience the magic of Disneyland, here are some useful tips.

• Make sure that you understand what you will be paying for when purchasing your tickets. Perks and other privileges are included in some packages so be sure to buy the right one if you would like to enjoy them.

• Know the important details each rides to identify which are suitable for pre-school, big kids and teenagers. Having the information will help you plan your time accordingly to be able to visit all the attractions within the allowed period.

• Some rides require certain age and height to be enjoyed thus getting the details will be necessary to avoid disappointing your children when they won’t be allowed to enjoy the rides because they cannot meet the requirements.

• If your kids are looking forward to a particular rides or attraction, do some research to make sure that they are not closed for renovation or upgrading during the time of your visit.

• Get the calendar for the park’s parade, live entertainment and fireworks. Take note of the time and venue as these are the most exciting parts, adults and kids alike will surely be captivated by the magic of these spectacular shows.

• Plan your trip accordingly. Take into consideration the crowd, weather, park hours and special events as these factors might have a big impact on our holiday. Crowd might be bigger during special events however park opens longer and extra parades and shows are more likely to happen.

• Keep in mind that some attractions will be open exclusively for guests who have booked the accommodation at the Disney World hotels only, so better avoid the attraction for that particular period of time if you are staying somewhere else.

• Some attractions open early so if you would like to maximize your time, wake up early and be there when it opens. In this way you’ll have more time to enjoy the other attractions which opens later.

• If you are the type that too much crowd and heat can trigger the feeling of being unwell, go to the park early then take a break and have some rest in your hotel during noon, then return to park late in the afternoon to enjoy the rest of the attractions.

• Privileges such as Fastpass allows you to enjoy the rides or attractions without taking the cue thus obtaining one can help you maximize your time and somehow guarantee that you’ll be able to try all the various attraction within the day.

• Everything seems to cost higher in theme parks including snacks. Bring your own drinks and snacks when going to the park not only to save money but to save yourself from looking for stores when you suddenly feel thirsty or hungry.

• Dress comfortably to make sure that your Disneyland adventure will be full of fun. As you will be moving and walking a lot, have a comfortable pairs of shoes or slippers to ensure that you won’t be missing anything because of aching feet.

What are you waiting for? Start searching for the lowest airfare and experience the magic moments in Disneyland Hong Kong where some dreams do come true!

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