Monday, December 19, 2011

It’s Time for A Sunny Christmas Vacation!

Running out of ideas how to make your Christmas celebration out of ordinary? How about getting a tan from your holiday vacation? As the festive season comes closer, more attractive travel deals can be seen in various website as airlines companies and hotels try to out do each other in an effort to attract more customers. These fantastic deals include discount air ticket and hotel rates or even a package tour complete with cheap car rental rates. One just need to have the patience to search then compare and contrast each travel deals and going for a sunny Christmas vacation can be as affordable as you wish it to be.

Getting out in the sun to spend a Christmas vacation is quite uncommon but it guarantees fun-filled vacation, may it be in the pristine sands of beaches or close to nature rainforest sanctuaries. Here are some of the top destinations perfect for spending a sun-soaked holiday trip.


Samoa is a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The country itself is a mix of natural wonders – from finest beaches to large rainforest and natural reserves, each visitor won’t run out of places to explore while staying in this tropical bliss.


Have a dose of adrenaline pumping activities while spending your holiday vacation in the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Go for surfing, swim with the dolphins in the waters of Maui or visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and get a chance to see fresh lava flows.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a Pacific island in the territory of French Polynesia. It is a major international tourist destination famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. Visitors can either soak up in the sun at the Matira Beach – the most popular beach in Bora Bora or head for Safari 4 x 4 tour to get to know the people, their culture and history better. A trip to Bora Bora won’t be complete without watching or better yet trying the traditional Polynesian dance.


Aside from the famous Machu Picchu – the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru has an array of exciting activities to offer to its visitors. Explore the Peruvian Amazon with its diverse ecosystem, go hiking to the Colca Canyon, tour the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and meet the Uros Tribe or try sand boarding in the desert village of Huacachina. Peru is not without beautiful beaches, the beach town of Mancora is famous for its pristine white sands, great surfing and relaxing atmosphere.


From the magical Saharan desert to the High Atlas Mountain, visitors will have plenty of reasons to have fun under the sun. The blue street of Chefchaouen is a good place to take a stroll while sipping mint tea. After exploring the Saharan desert with its breathtaking views, head to the hammam to experience a public steam bath. Complete the trip with a visit to the Majorelle Gardens or the Hassan Mosque II and marvel with the traditional artistry of its intricate design.


A perfect destination for those who would like to have a relaxing and peaceful holiday, Maldives provides its visitors with exciting activities to indulge in. Famous for its beauty - from the pristine white sands of the beaches to the spectacular underwater coral gardens, Maldives is a paradise which guarantees a terrific holiday.


Tour “the land of smiles” and be mesmerized by the beauty of its sunny beaches and magnificent historical places. Get sun-soaked holiday shopping in the busy streets of Bangkok or enrich your knowledge touring the historical sites in Ayutthaya. Kanchanaburi is as great place for nature lovers while Pattaya is simply irresistible for its white sand beaches and blue sky. Experience all these and more when you book an airfare to Thailand!


Bali is an ideal place to get tanned under the sun. With its famous beaches perfect for rejuvenating and relaxation, visitors will feel fresh and energized after spending a holiday in this paradise of tranquility.

Orpheus Island, Australia

Experience a superb holiday with “exclusivity” at the Orpheus Island. Accessible by scenic seaplane transfer from the Townsville, it accepts only 42 guests at a time to tour the island. Without the disruption of modern technology and day-trippers, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views and tranquil sounds of bird calls uninterrupted. Visitors can also enjoy its vibrant marine life at Little Pioneer Bay and Yank’s Jetty area.

Eagles Nest, New Zealand

Have a holiday in a secluded bliss of private opulence at the five world-class villas situated in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand. Experience luxury at its pinnacle with the gourmet cuisine prepared by resident chefs, widest selection of premium wines available in the extensive cellar, state-of-the-art entertainment system and easy access to the enchanting bush lands and hidden beaches.

Planning ahead is one way to guarantee that a dream vacation will be full of fun and excitement for the entire duration of the trip. Furthermore discount airfare is commonly available for early birds customers who book air tickets several months in advance. It might be too late to have a sunny Christmas for this year but there will always be a next year to look forward to.

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