Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Season to be Merry in Hong Kong

Christmas may not be a traditional Chinese Festival, nevertheless Hong Kong also gets into the spirit of this festive period as it adorn its trees with Christmas lights, put on displays of Santa Claus and his reindeer and even put up decorations of fake snows. In fact Christmas decorations in Hong Kong can rival those in western countries that is why purchasing an airline tickets to spend this holiday season in Hong Kong will not be without grand celebration usually associated with this festive season.

Every shop displays Christmas symbols like gifts, wrapping paper, candy canes and the likes which bring smiles to everyone. Christmas carols are also played everywhere and the spirit of this festive season soar high up in the air making everyone sing-along with the jolly tunes.

You may not have white Christmas when you book an airfare to Hong Kong, however the decorations and lights at the Disneyland and Ocean Park will definitely make up for it. And if you are really yearning for this white flakes falling on you, Disneyland, the place of magic will surely make your dream come true with its different attractions featuring snow in their winter wonderland.

Kids can also explore the fairytale-styled Gingerbread Village and watch Mickey, Minnie and friends entertain kids and adults alike in a Christmas themed parades. You might even get lucky to receive a surprise from the elves handing out gifts or get visited by Santa Claus himself instead. Disneyland will be worthy of the airlines ticket especially during this season to be merry.

As the true spirit of Christmas is giving, shopping will be an essential part of celebrating this season. Hong Kong is famous for its shopping stalls from high-end establishments to the most affordable ones. With various selections of products each stall can offer, you will never run out of choices for your gifts to your loved ones.

Christmas also means having a feast as it is the season when family gathers and have a good time together. You don’t have to miss this most desired part of the celebration as the restaurants all over Hong Kong present their guests the most extravagant and tasty traditional feast combined with entertainment for the kids.

Christmas buffet are also common to celebrate the special day. Enjoy the best part of the celebration which is getting to taste all those mouth-watering dishes complimented by wines to aid in the digestion.

For those who are not used celebrating Christmas without the winter wonderland scenery, you don’t have to miss this if you decide to book an air ticket to celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong. Statue Square is transformed into a winter wonderland called Winterfest with a 30 meter tall Swarovski Christmas tree set at the center. This activity is organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board which has been the focus of Christmas celebration in Hong Kong.

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