Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Enjoy Beijing?

Language is always a barrier but if you will entertain the hindrance it brings, then you will probably lose all chances to see some of the most beautiful things. Like in Beijing, if you refuse to buy an airlines ticket to that magical place, you are surely missing a lot.

So get over the fact that you only know Nin Hao (Hello!) and Xie xie (Thank you) and just pay that cheap airfare to Beijing because most people in Beijing can understand English! And the city has a beauty that language should stop you from seeing.

First and foremost, it is best to avail travel packages in coming to Beijing. Most of these packages include airlines ticket, good hotel accommodation and a planned itinerary with English-speaking tourist guides. With this, you will not have much problems talking to Chinese locals in settling your travel necessities.

If you were not able to book for a travel package to Beijing, fret not. There is still the internet in which you can find the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city. A trip to the Great Wall of China should never be missing. Some internet travel sites provide tips and techniques on how to enjoy the attraction by yourself, without needing the help of locals who will most likely speak in Mandarin to you.

Travelling around Beijing can be a pain to first-time visitors so if you think that you cannot handle the transportation means in the city, you can just rent bicycles and bike around the city. It is a common sight after all. This is even greater since biking will allow you to marvel on the beautiful sceneries in Beijing.

Paying that airfare to Beijing does not only entitle you to seeing beautiful places. It also allows you to taste authentic Chinese food. Since you are coming to the capital city of China, you are in for some mighty food tripping. Most delicacies are spicy but definitely delicious; so treat yourself to a sumptuous meal! Dining establishments vary – from lavish restaurants to sidewalk food stalls.

Shopping in Beijing is also an ideal tourist activity! It will require you to learn some Mandarin words, though; in order for you to haggle. Bargaining is practiced in street markets and foreigners are most likely to be offered items priced a few times more expensive than its original amount, so you should know the trick.

Then during at night, Beijing nightlife is surely extravagant. It will expose you to the exciting and pulsating way of living of the Chinese youth; and it will introduce you to a new view of the Chinese people. Beijing is abundant with night bars, restaurants and clubs which colorful lights illuminate the city.

Beijing is much more than the language. It is a magical place with an extensive variety of offers to locals and foreigners alike. So if you want to come to Beijing, you should no longer think twice. Pay for that airfare to Beijing and enjoy the city and your life!

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