Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Destinations for the Whole Family in Singapore

There is always cheap airfare to Singapore available anytime. That is why many people travel to the beautiful country. Singapore usually requires the lowest air fare and it is the reason why it is a perfect destination for family bonding sessions.
But even though Singapore is a small country, it gives home to a lot of tourist destinations – so many, that families often get confused about where to go first. So in order to help, here are some suggestions which could help in strengthening the bond of the family:
1. Sentosa Island. One fact: a cheap airfare to Singapore will bring you to an extravagant bonding destination called the Sentosa Island. Being a major tourist hub in Singapore, this place serves the interest of all family members. It has the Resorts World Sentosa and the Universal Studios to truly provide entertainment and fun to the members of the family. It also gives home to the Merlion Statue, an icon of Singapore.

2. Jurong Bird Park. For a small amount, the whole family can enjoy marveling on the different colorful birds in the Jurong Bird Park. Set within a tropical forest-like setting, everybody will surely find it fascinating to see birds flying over their heads, playing with each other, and living life free.

3. Singapore Zoo. Mingling with animals will always be a relaxing feat for everyone in the family. That is why it is ideal to visit the Singapore Zoo. With the lowest air fare to Singapore, everyone will get to find true entertainment with the animals in Singapore Zoo.

4. Night Safari. If the family can’t get enough with the usual cute animals in Singapore Zoo, then the Night Safari is a perfect place to encounter more appealing and exotic creatures. It is truly interesting to walk (or ride the tram) along dark but safe paths and come across night creatures like owls, bats, flying squirrels, and more.

5. Singapore Discovery Centre. While it is already contenting to avail cheap airfare to Singapore, a trip will be made more spectacular if the family will visit the Singapore Discovery Centre. A hub for infinite knowledge and impressive discoveries, kids will surely love learning Science and Technology – and parents will definitely enjoy seeing their youngsters take interest in interactive knowledge.

Singapore is a perfect place for the whole family to stay in. Many travel agencies offer the lowest air fare, making a Singapore trip definitely reachable. So do not waste time. Avail that cheap airfare to Singapore and start building a better bond among your family members.

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