Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Way To Deal When Your Flight Get Cancelled

Several factors such as bad weather condition, delayed arrival and mechanical or technical problems might cause flights to be cancelled. No matter how irritating and frustrating it can be when airlines cancelled the air ticket we have chosen, we cannot put the blame on the airline staff because they are just looking after the safety of the passengers. Frequent air travelers must be aware of certain measures to deal with this unpleasant situation to avoid missing important business meetings or career enhancing opportunities.

Remember the popular saying – keep your cool. People tend to think better and efficiently when we are calm. Getting upset and raising your voice when asking for assistance will not be the best solution to the problem. Bear in mind that people don’t react positively when they are being shouted in public, the airline staff whom you are releasing your agitation might not be willing to go the extra mile to secure an alternative flight for you.

It is also wise to know what are the other flights bound to your destination that are scheduled to depart after your flight. Using this information, you can call the toll free ticketing number and ask for available seat or you might seek the help of your trusted travel agent to assist you in this frustrating situation. Calling the reservation hotline instead of waiting at the counter to secure an alternative air fare might give you a better chance of securing a seat. However you can do both and get all the possible options especially if you are on tight schedule, just do not forget to ask for the next available flight and get all the necessary information correctly.

In most of the flights, airplane tickets are not cancelled completely hence you might request for a transfer to the next available flight. Most of airline companies provide this facility as part of their effort to lessen the inconvenience to the passengers.
For some situation like extreme weather condition there is no other thing to do but wait and hope for the weather to become better. Most airline companies allow partial or full refund of the air fare for this unforeseen circumstance.

Instead of being grumpy and agitated, which will not make the situation better, try to turn this happening into your advantage. Explore the airport and take your time to find souvenir items that might bring smile to the face of the most important person in your life. Better yet try to make new acquaintances and widen your circle of friends. Who knows, your new friends might provide you useful traveling tips when you decided to book an airline tickets to visit their country.

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